July 16, 2015

7 or 8 Things

bathroom selfie #whynot

1. We're going camping this weekend and standard protocol dictates that I be anxious all week. ALSO!!!!!! Aunt Fucking Flow is scheduled to make an appearance as well. She's a bloody cunt.

2. Tuesday night we finally finished cleaning our carpets from Fecal Festival 2015 starring Frederick Biggie Franklin with diarrhea on the backup mic. He decided that he not only defecate in the living room in four different spots but also in the spare room and the hallway. It was liquid tar that stained our souls, oh, and the cheap apartment carpet we have. We were able to borrow my moms carpet cleaner and get most of it out. That was a process in and of itself but way easier than any carpet cleaning experience I've had in the past. He was finally allowed out of the bathroom yesterday and no incidents occurred. This dog just cannot eat any human food.

3.  I'm tired. WHAT'S NEW??!!

4. I had the best idea the other day and it occurred to me while I was thinking about camping. We don't have a truck or all-terrain vehicle,just two cars. They are great cars but they can't go where we go camping. I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if they  had transformer cars that could turn into mini monster-style trucks. For instance, my car is a hatchback and would be perfect for it, so when I was ready to go off-road it would rise up and big tires would come out from under it. You could switch back-and-forth whenever you needed it to. Tyrone immediately laughed and began explaining to me in his engineer (nerdy) way how that would never work. Even after his explanation I still don't see why it wouldn't work and WHY has it not been invented yet?

5. I'm ready for a real vacation. I've been listening to Major Lazer for the last few hours on soundcloud and it's making me want to get away.

6. Sometimes he's sweet and holds on to me.

7. Me and this guy. He's so sweet when he's getting his way (just like his dad). I'm wearing a "heart" made by his brother.

8. I scratched my car AGAIN!! I ran over a curb and got it pretty badly. MY BRAIN IS NO LONGER FUNCTIONING PROPERLY! This one will not be able to be waxed away.

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kendahl a. said...

Ahahaha bloody cunt! I see what you did there.

Transformers don't have to make sense, TYRONE, geez. Your hatchback should transform. I don't know what it doesn't. Why are we not in the future yet??!

Dill's kids are really freaking cute.