July 29, 2015

15 boring thing about me

I studied legal administration in college – AA

I like pens

I like doing my budget

I don't like being late on bills

I can't stand to run out of paper towels, TP or tissue

I have to clean off my desk before I leave work or I won't sleep

I can't stand it when my car is dirty

I like to chop veggies, onions, etc.

I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning M – F

Making lists – crossing stuff off said list gives me a boner

I enjoy NPR – not PBR

I don't make my bed in the mornings but it has to be made before I get in bed at night

I am a Notary  Public

I like white rice with butter

Heart eyes for Milk all day


kendahl a. said...

White rice with butter, and I add pepper. Delicious!

We're incredibly similar. A lot of this list is totally me, too. Except milk. I hate that shit.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Milk in a frosted mug? Hell yes. <3

I always leave my desk clean before I leave work, too. There are some people here in the office who leave dirty dishes on their desk when they leave! WHYYY?