August 5, 2015

7 Things

1. Puppy poo is my life now. I was sitting at my desk yesterday at work and pulled out a handful of green poo bags that I had stuffed in my pocket. I should mention they were not full. After Fecal Festival 2015 I'm not sure what I was thinking getting another puppy. It has been rough. I was under the impression she was 8 weeks, but she was only 5 weeks when we picked her up (tiny miscommunication) so we're having to make up for lost litter time and mommy time. She is so feisty and shits and pees wherever the hell she feels like it. I have to thank my SIL for telling us about Natures Miracle carpet cleaner though, it really is a fucking miracle; great for removing the piss stank. 

2. The Book of Mormon musical. It has finally come home to Utah and I can't go - WHAAA! WHAAA! I've listened to the soundtrack when it first came out and fell in love. It's brilliant and I don't mean that because they make fun of LDS beliefs that most people have never heard of, but because it's so well done. In Utah, some people won't talk about it. In fact, it hasn't been on the news much here because getting someone to talk publicly about it would be career suicide. People here don't like it yet they love it. I read some article that said it wasn't doing well here but in fact it is sold-out. This review describes how the crowd reacted after the opening song. I think people here actually love it. Tickets range from $85 to $160. Last time I checked there were only a couple of crappy $85 seats left. I want to actually be able to see it. I can't pay $85 for a shitty seat; I'm too cheap for that. I'm not a Mormon and wasn't raised as such, but that isn't why I want to see this. I am a christian though, and I hear that is makes more fun of religion as a whole and that is really why I want to see it. (If that doens't make sense to you that's OK) I'm all about making fun of religion. Plus, the show has an underlying positive message and is much deeper than some expect. It's just one of those things I think I need to see before I die. I used to say that about Les Miserables but I missed out on that too. I have been listening to this playlist of the songs on YouTube to keep me from crying. ("Turn it Off" is the best!)

3. I just discovered The Black Tapes podcast. It's a docu-drama that is setup like Serial, except that it is fictional. I love listening to the stories while I work. I had Tyrone listening to it at home and he got so bugged when I told him it wasn't real. They do a good job with it even if some of the paranormal stories are a bit ridiculous. 

4. We recently finished True Detective S1. It was really good, as expected.

5. I have piles of inventory that I need to shoot and post to my shop. I think I might need to take vacation time to get that done. I haven't been wanting to spend a lot of nights and weekends on my shop as I have in the past. I still have interest in it, but my interest in living my life in it's current state is winning out and I'm OK with that.

6. Gwen & Gavin splitting up upsets me. I audibly screamed, "NOOOO!!!" when I heard the news. I don't care what that says about me. They were one of those couples from my young adulthood that I remember and loved that they were together. They were the perfect post 90's couple at the time. 

7. I wonder how much poo I'll have to pick up tonight?


kendahl a. said...

The puppy is cute as hell though, so at least there's that.

I was really bummed to hear about Gwen and Gavin, too. They were a gorgeous couple.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I don't know how I missed all of the Instagram puppy posts! I just went back to look and OMG, that cute little face! You know, I always thought that Marcy was under 8 weeks too, like I was told she was. She could barely even walk on her own when I brought her home!

I haven't seen Book of Mormon but a lot of my friends saw it when it was in Pittsburgh and loved it. I hope you get a chance to see it! :(

Vapid Vixen said...

When I first heard BOM was coming to Utah, I immediately jumped online to buy tickets. Then immediately realized I couldn't afford the seats I wanted. So, I, like you, did not see it. :( One day though, one day. Oh, and Les Mis? To date, my favorite musical ever. I cry every time.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I cry when I hear the music. Ok, I almost cry when I hear the music. I love it so much!