July 21, 2015

7 Things

1. I still need to unpack all of our camping shit.

2. Tonight Say Anything is playing and I want to go but I'm not going because I'm going to play the tired card.

3. A couple of weekends ago I was supposed to get 15K steps for the GCC2015 challenge I signed up for at work; I got 16K. I got to work on Monday to find out the Bionic Woman got 19K. She kicked my ass. I think her bionic leg gives her special powers. We walk together every morning in the parking garage and she is very motivational to me. She NEVER complains about being an amputee and NEVER uses it to get special treatment. We have people in our office who use whatever "medical condition" they don't have to get special treatment but she doesn't do it and she is one of two people who would have any real right to do so.

4. I can't believe July is almost over. School supply ads have begun. I love buying school office supplies. When I was a kid it was the best part of starting school until the day actually arrived and I wanted to stay home.

5. My current most used emojis. I know this is probably lame to post but it always cracks me up. Tyrone and I can have entire conversations using only emojis.

6. Last night Art Bell returned to late night radio and I could not have been more happy. Unfortunately, I fell asleep much too early while listening to it.

7. Yesterday was a great mail day. I went crazy about a week ago and bought some stuff. These 3 were among my favorites. I am going to put them on my cubicle shelf.

1 comment:

kendahl a. said...

Go to Vegas for your steps. We walked the strip for three hours and I racked up 22k steps. Then ate ice cream and cupcakes. It all evens out, right?

Those Funkos are so cute! Do you watch Hannibal? It's so weird to see Gillian in that. No, this is not where you belong. Go get Mulder.

There are Harry Potter Funkos being released soon and I will own all of them. It's a need.