September 29, 2009

Collective Soul Concert 9.12.09

A few weeks ago my mom took me to the Collective Soul concert in Wendover. We had so much fun. My auntie Jodi was suppose to come but she had to go to my uncle's work party where he won manager of the year. (Way to go Joe!) She is the one who actually got the tickets and room and then ended up not being able to go. We made sure to bring a t-shirt home for her. It was the least we could do. On the trip up there I was tweeting like crazy trying to get Collective Soul to respond (because they follow all of their fans, that is how cool they are). I had to come up with something clever to get their attention. So I tweeted this "@collective_soul I got a lot on my mind, it's always you every time...Can't wait to see you guys 2nite in Wendover!" and no longer than 2 min. later they RT (re-tweeted) me!! I screamed like a little school girl. They RT what I said to them with the response "@masterflash7 Cool!". They said I was COOL! Haha! I felt so special.
I AM A HUGE NERD!! I have learned to accept it.

The picture below kind of sucks because I took it through this glass case and there is a glare mark right on Ed's face. Ed is my favorite. He is a bad ass lead singer. These guys are really awesome to their fans and totally ROCK!

Check out the bathroom, how sick is that? The room was so nice. I slept like a baby that night.

Me and my beautiful mommy!

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Anonymous said...

i loved going to this with you , thats what made if fun, i wuv uuuu