January 2, 2012

CLOSED! The Let It Fly Giveaway!

To ring in the new year I want to do a little giveaway to thank the readers of this blog. If you've been reading for awhile you know that my mantra is "Let your freak flag fly." It's what I've centered the blog and the shop around and is something I still do believe in incorporating throughout my life. It can be anything from letting the dishes go one day to enjoy a movie with your family, dying your hair bright fuscia to going sky diving. It's about thinking outside of the box and not going along with the herd.

Being true to yourself.
With that said, I'm giving away a freak flag from my shop to one lucky follower. It's a small gesture but one I hope goes a long way.

All you have to do is follow this blog publicly and leave a comment below letting me know how you let your freak flag fly.
1. follow this blog publicly
2. leave a comment below letting me know how you let your freak flag fly
3. Open to all countries!
4. ends Friday January 6th

The winner will have the option to chose from a gold or silver flag.

Thanks for playing!

Frederick really wants you to enter the giveaway


Anika said...

Gawd Freddie, can you try to tone down the cute...it's killing me!

Does it make me a freak to decide to move during the holidays with a baby?? I can't think of anything witty at the moment as I am surrounded by cardboard, bubble wrap, and tape guns...heeey, that's a set up for some freaky fun, right?? Does a fort village made out of cardboard count???

Hope you had a great new year and that 2012 brings you the best of everything!

B said...

i absolutely follow you publicly! i have dreads, how's that for a lil freaky?

twiginwater said...

Nice post and funny question. Freak flag aye. Well I actually think I am more of a private freak. I often think i blend in quite well. I love to be more stealth. My kids though would disagree, lol.
The funniest thing I see these days is many people think if you do "crafts" then you are some kind of a hippie. LOL I personally see crafts as a form of art and love to see what other people are motivated to create. Thanks for the chance to win a FREAK flag.

freaked out 'n small said...

Duh. Of course I follow you... And gurl, you know my freaky ass flies that flag... It's in my name!
And does being bipolar count as being extra freaky? If you ask my husband it does...lmao!

mama said...

yes i follow you publicly and you know me the original ZijaFREAK!!! a freak at heart forever xoxo

urban muser said...

i am following you. not sure why i wasn't before. that's kind of freaky because i thought i was.

alisha said...

i am following you now, why haven't i yet???

i let my flag fly by being me...i'm overweight and sexy as hell...i'm a lesbian in rural alabama...i'm a nurse that is bad ass in trauma...i'm a daughter that is a total mommas girl...i'm tattooed because they make my heart happy...my partner is a paraplegic and it's not slowed us down not one single bit...i am proud of the scars on my arm from our wreck...and so much more!