January 8, 2012

His + Hers Coffee Cozies

not your typical coffee cozie
I'm not exactly sure how to spell this out but I have rebelled against making a coffee cup cozie for myself for the past few years. I was like, "Who on earth is going to carry that around with them just to put around a coffee cup?" I also never saw anyone in real life that wasn't a blogger using them especially living in UT where coffee is forbidden (except in the SL,UT). You would think I would have jumped right on this bandwagon but I didn't hop on the train like I was reenacting a scene from The Outsiders until I was forced to by or local coffee shop. The damn whiners don't give them out anymore unless you're asshole enough to dare ask for one. They would rather let you burn the shit out of your hands and risk a law suite and save a few bucks as well as save the planet because we all know those paper coffee cup protector things are the main source that is killing this planet of ours [straight face]. Sense my annoying frustration yet? The day I decided to whip these puppies out was the day I decided to try another coffee shop and was sadly disappointed when A. the coffee was shit (tasted like hot cocoa) and B. didn't give me a paper coffee cup protector (not that I needed one since it was luke warm).

And scene. Shoot me to crocheting my eyes out that evening to make two coffee cup cozies for both myself and Tyrone. Hence, His + Hers.
pictured: crappy cup of coffee
First I measured around the crappy paper cup of coffee I almost through out in to oncoming traffic earlier in the day. This would be the length of my base chain that I single crocheted from there (I actually did a bauble stitch for mine) until it was about 3 inches wide. I sewed the ends together and slid that puppy around a fantastic cup of coffee as fast as I could.
I embroidered x's and o's on them. That is a little inside thing between Tyrone and I and so we would know who's was who's/whom's/whatever.
7-Eleven coffee if you must know


freaked out 'n small said...

These are awesome! I want to learn to knit so freaking bad. And I would totally make and use one if I could. Out here the ice tea will completely fill the cup holder in your car with condensation before you can get home...
and ahhhh, Brandy - I love your rapier wit ♥

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks Colleen! I'm so glad to have met you and I'm happy you get my humor as lacking as it is.

Misty K. said...

Very Cute! I have planned on attempting to make these for a coffee mug for my aunt-in-law, but still haven't done it yet. I like the colors you used too.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks Misty they were the easiest thing I've ever crocheted.

Vapid Vixen said...

There's a Java Joe's at the end of the street I work at. I stop there frequently and have absolutely no problem telling them to skip the straw, 86 the chocolate cocoa bean, but make damn sure you add the sleeve. I have two floors of stairs to walk up, and one floor to walk down (it's a weird building)and there's no way I'm burning my hand just to save the planet.