January 31, 2012

DIY Valentine Pillow

I'm a huge Parks & Rec fan and when I heard April (who is my favorite next to Ron, naturally) say this the phrase stuck with me like a Little Debbie sticks to my muffin top.

It looks great on our bed when it's made which is never so hopefully it will look great on the floor next to the bed or next to the pile of laundry or rather piles of laundry.

Take your favorite fabric and cut out two heart shapes, pin right sides together and sew around the edge leaving a hole to stuff it full. I used this vintage heart cotton fabric for the front and a soft flannel for the back. I hand-sewed the hole closed after stuffing it as full as I could with fabric scraps and poly fill.

Wait...I'm getting ahead of myself. I obviously got the phrase on the front somehow. I guess I should go over that part. I used some basic stencils and some paint. I didn't even use fabric paint because I knew I was making this pillow as an accent pillow so I wasn't worried about the paint being weird. Because paint can get all sorts of weird up in your business let me tell you. We all know about paint, right?

Hope you like!



 it looks good next to the bleeding heart pillow I made two years ago

i could not get him off of the bed but how could i just push him off? 


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Love it! I also love that bleeding heart.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I somehow missed this the first time around! I also adore Ron & April, and I adore this pillow too.

And the bleeding heart pillow?!?! Can I pay you to make me one?!