October 5, 2012

Abandoned but no forgotten

This poor blog has suffered in the last few weeks. I can't believe I let it sit looking like this for as long as I did but it's been a rough haul with the move and all.
I'm actually working on a Halloween DIY right now because I've finally felt the desire to blog again. I haven't even wanted to at all lately. I don't like feeling that way. I feel in a way that I've been mourning during this transition and am just waiting to feel joy again. It comes in spurts but my levels of enthusiasm aren't where I would like them to be. 

I said I would take videos of our move and try and make it a fun thing but that didn't work out at all. If you haven't noticed already I took down the video that I posted announcing that we were moving in with my parents. I took it down by request from Tyrone. He was not having that and instead of picking a fight over it I decided to just take it down. It wasn't worth getting into an argument over even though I didn't agree with him. I did however understand where he was coming from and since this blog isn't just about me and being as it is that we're married I have to understand that some things affect him too. (after rereading this I think I already wrote explained myself in another post, oh well)


I haven't felt connected to blogging or being online much at all lately. I feel detached from life a bit lately like I'm floating above myself in a cloud like a spectator.


There is such a large number of people around us right now that are dealing with cancer in one way or another including us. Tyrone's dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer recently so we're dealing with that. My best friend's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, my friend at work her mom was diagnosed with cancer, I have another team member dealing with it as well and the list literally goes on. 


Our jobs keep fluctuating in one way or another at the moment which on top of all of this doesn't help a bit. The news changes from week to week.

I'm a libra, I need balance so I know that is one reason I'm having an issue dealing with it all. It's hard going from an apartment to a bedroom and boxing up all of your stuff to store in a basement. It's really hard. I have to try and keep perspective because I know it can always be worse but at this moment these are the things that we're dealing with so I can't pretend it's not hard. Because it every much is, hard. 


On a positive note our creative outlets (his band, my shop) are doing well. On top of all of this my shop has been busier than it's ever been which is nice but a bit inconvenient. I hate saying that because I love it but juggling has been tough. I have had a few days off from work this week so that has been extremely helpful. I'm hoping to see Frankenweenie this weekend for my birthday.

Thanks for sticking around.

The Drifters.


kendahl said...

Frankenweenie is REALLY CUTE so I hope you get the time to see it! Have a great birthday (Sunday... right?) and again, if you need anything, let me know.

Vapid Vixen said...

Libras really are the best, aren't they?

Anika said...

Breaks are good to re-charge...will always be back when you are. I feel the same way though...lately I have been wanting to get back into it but time seems to have other ideas for me. I need 10 more hours in my day... Hope the move went well! I missed the video!

Thinking of you these days and thinking of doing the annual creepy countdown. I do have all these dolls lying around...what else am I supposed to do???

Xs and Os

Kristen said...

First. I am so, so sorry that I missed wishing you a happy birthday. I thought about you, if that helps...but I was too lazy to actually do more than that. I hope it was as super-wonderful-fantastic as you deserve it to be!

Second, I completely understand the disconnect, as is evident by my very lengthy absence from my own blog.I just know if I start posting I'll just put what is in my head which would not make for good or happy reading. I'm looking to start a second blog where you can basically just anonymously bitch to the world - I'll be sure to invite you to it when/if I set it up.

Love and kisses and all that stuff!!