October 18, 2012

Cat Mask!

I don't know why but I wanted a cat mask. I'm not even going to be one for halloween but I wanted it anyways. One day I would love to be cat woman but I'm not if I would dare try and pull it off.
I made it with a piece of scrap black pleather and black felt a bit of fabric-tac glue and some jersey for the strap. I measure my face from temple to temple and the space between my eyes. I made a template and used it to cute two of the same shape from the felt and pleather. I glued the pleather shape on top of the felt shape. I measure a piece of jersey for the strap instead of using elastic because I think it's more comfortable to wear. I glued an end of each strap between both shapes on each side at eye level.

With this shape you could even use it for a bat girl costume or just your every day feral black cat.