October 16, 2012

Bloody Mani

quickie diy post
{no need to cut the hang nails for this look}

This is a little take on the blood spatter mani I did last year. I wanted it to be a bit more "real" looking so I tried it with two different colors of red; one dark and one that was brighter. You may not be able to tell in the photos because of the filter I used but there are two different shades. I used a q-tip to put it on but that was a mistake. Next time I'll use a sponge just like I was supposed to.

random halloween trimmings

Halloween is getting closer!!


J said...

Love it!! (Except the dolls... those just freak me out)

kendahl said...

I agree with J - those dolls are creeptastic. But I love that mani!

Messy said...

hahahahaha....so cute!!! LOVE IT!