October 13, 2012

Junk Hunt

In the past few weeks I've scored some major finds for myself. I thought I would finally share some with you. I have scored three different pairs of Doc Marten shoes of which I am the most proud of. I wish I would have kept a hold of all of my old pairs that I trucked around in from back in the day. 
bright red vintage sweater
brown docs
mexican belt
black vintage slip (broke a person rule with this one)
tie-die jersey dress
and vintage scarf

cotton stripe shirt
black docs (in perfect condition)
black & white oxford docks (pretty beat up but grunge is coming back, right?)
red and white 80's belt (it's hideous and I love it)

1 comment:

kendahl said...

Dude! These are all so freaking rad! I especially love the sweater and the belt.