October 8, 2012

DIY Lightening Bolt Glitter Clip

I have a tiny obsession growing with the bride of frankenstein. It started last year with this train wreck of a costume. Oh, how motivated I was last year. I can't believe how crazy I was to do all of those different characters. If you want to see last year's Halloween Costume Series go right ahead.

This DIY can also be used as a regular bad-ass hair clip year-round.

1. cut any size lightening bolt shape out of a piece of felt. I used gray so it matched the silver glitter.

2. Spread glue all over the top of the felt shape

3. Layer glitter on top of wet glue. I like to use different sizes of glitter. The larger kind for child crafts and the finer size glitter to fill in the spaces. It may sound tedious but I like the way it turns out. After the first layer of glue & glitter has dried I add more glue and glitter till I am satisfied with the results.

4. Glue an alligator clip or bobby pin to the back. You can also add another piece of felt to the back like I did but it's not necessary.

adorable bride of frankenstein arm earrings from this etsy shop

and this cool pin from this etsy shop


kendahl said...

This is SO CUTE! I'm totally making one. Or three.

Kristen said...

So awesome!! Love this idea!