April 2, 2013

Geometric Shoe Makeover

A pair of $5 canvas boat shoes from Walmart and a paint pen and you've got an original pair of shoes to wear all Spring and Summer. I'm laughing at myself because I bought boat shoes. Yes, they do look like Toms shoes which helps, but I use to make fun of an ex for his boat shoes so when I see them I can't help but laugh.


There's a pencil pictured because I though I would draw the pattern on first with that, but in the end I just went for it and free-handed the pattern with the paint pen. Free-handed? Is that right? That doesn't sound right, oh well, since when do I care.
I stuffed grocery bags into the toes to give some sort of sturdy surface to write on.

letting the paint dry


These were fun to makeover and really easy to do, plus they are incredibly comfortable.

someone would rather have me play fetch with them - he was staring me down pretty hard


kendahl said...

I love Toms-like shoes but every time I try them on, I feel like they make my feet look totally retarded. Is that crazy?

I love how these turned out. Such a simple thing, but they are a million times cuter!

Raskkolniikov said...

how creative!

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I love how you take everyday things and make them your own -- your so creative! These turned out great.

I made fun of my brother last year for wearing loafers. He was like, "Um, actually, they're boat shoes." Then we looked at each and cracked up. :)

Those do look a lot like TOMS. TOMS 4 lyfe!!