March 31, 2013

What's in my bag?

I'm only doing one of these posts because I feel like right now in my life, I can dump my shit out on the bed and have it actually come out clean. I've been a beast at keeping my purse tidy so it's a pretty honest interpretation of what is inside. Not sure it will last long though.

1. iPhone5 (not shown because I needed it to take the pictures, plus I actually don't keep it in my purse all that much 2. daily planner 3. notebook 4. two bags for drugs and personal hygiene items 4 a) gold leather zip pouch; stop pain, pill bottle, coconut oil, eye glass cleaner 4 b) clear/pink plastic pouch; eye drops, nose spray, allergy pills, nail clippers, nail file, elastic hair band, essie apricot cuticle oil, tums, compact mirror 5. wallet 6. various lip sticks and such 7. pens & pencils 8. 2 pair gloves 9. phone charger 10. keys 11. my favorite gum

I'm sure I missed something.

And, yes, that is tidy and condensed for me. My purse isn't large either so having the pouches helps keep things from flying every where. I feel like some-what of an adult when my purse is clean - that's odd to say, I know.
{there's always bottle caps at the bottom of my bag. There is valerian pills in that "Serenity" bottle.

Not shown: blow, mini hand shovel, the collection of bird beaks, and my handy bloody spoon.
Items on rotation: sunglasses, notebook, pencil pouch (yes I'm 8) and my tampon pouch

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kendahl said...

If I did one of these right now it'd be a disaster zone. Your purse is so organized; I love it!