March 24, 2013

Emerald City Cupcakes

*not suitable for children under 8*
*may cut mouth on shards of glass*
*people with crowns or bad teeth shouldn't attempt to eat*

I got a whim to make these and when that happens with anything that I can't stop thinking about, I have to follow through with it.
I used a regular box of yellow cake mix and pre-made cream cheese frosting. I also used the deviant cook's recipe for Breaking Bad blue meth candy to create the emerald city on tops of the cakes. I tried to break it up in skinny sharp pieces but tried to make them not too large or too small. I did crush some of it up into really tiny pieces for sprinkles.
I cooked them in gold cupcake paper molds which I thought was the perfect touch.

Tyrone calls them the shards of glass cupcakes.

This was really fun to do and they turned out great (I think so) but they are not the easiest to eat.


twiginwater said...

LOL loving these. I think I may make the breaking bad candy myself. My kids will love it.

kendahl said...

omg I love these. So damn cute. You are ridiculously creative, you know that?