March 28, 2013

7 things

1. I’m not sure if I mentioned this but, I got an iPhone 5 recently which replaced my 2.5 year old Droid2. I love it. I feel a bit like an asshole even complaining about my old Droid2 because it’s a very nice phone. It only started acting up after 2.5 years which is great for a cell phone. But, I was definitely in a situation where I didn’t know what I was missing till it was in my hands. Apps are beyond better on the iPhone and now you can call me an iPhone snob. I’m only a little sorry about that.
2. Allergies are kicking my ass today.
3. The time is drawing near for us to move back out and on our own. I'm having some anxiety about it because of the whole renting v. buying market. We have to wait a little longer to apply for a mortgage loan and rent prices are just out of control right now. The fact that rent prices increase when the housing market is struggling just isn't fair. It's predatory.

4. Good news, I did just paid off a debt that was a major, monthly burden. Yeay!
5. I think the perfect work schedule would be 9am - 2pm, M - F.
6. Last night I let Fred out to do his nightly routine of marking every bush, tree and blade of grass in the backyard. Since the weather has gotten a bit warmer he's started taking his time doing his business, it's a seasonal thing that I dread when it comes to him and his poops. My parent's backyard is pretty big and in the far back is like a junkyard so he likes to go back there and sniff and mark every damn thing. Plus all of the cats, chickens and the turkey he likes to taunt, makes for a pretty damn annoying nightly routine. Well, last night he didn't come back for over twenty minutes even though I was calling and calling him. Because it's so dark back there and he is mostly black I couldn't see him or hear him because he didn't have his collar on. His days of having freedom to roam are over. He cant'' be trusted because every night lately he pushes the boundaries. I'm dealing with a toddler dog, I swear to God. Needless to say he is so grounded.
7. I'm addicted to Sonic's grape creamslushies.
 I am loving this new mani this week. I'm always taking pics of my nails when it's 1am and they're all dark and yellow.

1 comment:

kendahl said...

That first picture of you and Fred is really cute.

I don't know if we can be friends if you turn into one of those iPhone people. I'm a Samsung supporter to the core and I love my S3 so incredibly much.

I'd do 9am-3pm M-Th. I even tried to find a schedule like that before I found this job. It'd be perfect.

That steak/veggies meal looks incredible, and now I think I have to get Sonic for lunch because that sounds so damn good!

Loving your manis lately, too. Even with the 1am pictures. :)