March 18, 2013

7 things

1. I like to listen to the 80's alternative station on Pandora when I'm getting ready on Sunday mornings. Why Sunday mornings? Because, the work week mornings are a blur. There is no time for The Cure or Depeche Mode those days. It's sad.
2. I almost look forward to seeing the previews than the actual film when we go to the movies. With that said, we went to see Oz The Great and Powerful last night, and I loved it. It was visually appealing and had enough camp in it to appease any Sam Raimi fan. Well maybe not the hardcore fan. I wouldn't call myself that although Tyrone is and I can't tell if he liked it enough. We both laughed a lot through it and it was definitely entertaining. I LOVED all of the witches so much. We went and saw Bert Wonderstone on Friday night and it totally sucked. It was painful, predictable and a piece of shit, if I'm being totally honest. It had potential but totally failed. We were both trying not to fall asleep during it.
3. We tried to do some fun things this weekend because it was Tyrone's last free weekend before he starts school, which is today. 
4. I went to the best mani/pedi parlor ever on Friday. I went with my friend Jamie and we were totally pampered. It was worth it and well deserved - I am not ashamed to admit that.
5. The Sun!!!
6. Our plants are growing well since I added charcoal to them and our avocado tree is making a comeback. Fingers crossed!
7. I didn't blog at all last week. Last week was a blur, although, trying to recolect anything significent at the moment has escaped me. As goes life...whatever that means. It's Monday, who cares.

1 comment:

kendahl said...

That pole with the heart is super cute.

I have those same chevron socks, plus the same ones in knee highs. They are amazing!

I can't wait to see Oz. Tell Tyrone good luck with school! And I desperately need a pedicure. Where did you go?