March 5, 2013

7 Things

{none of these pics have anything to do with this post}

1. I'm so terrified of sinkholes now you guys. That shit is driving me crazy, what happened to that guy in Florida. He was just laying in BED!!!
2. Speaking of Taylor Swift, I realize I didn't actually mention her but it I couldn't think of a better segway to begin talking about her. Because I apparently can't stop talking about people I don't care for much, anyways, you would think after you've had so many break-ups and written a song to go along with every one that you would get to the point where you need to start looking at yourself. Maybe she can write a break-up song to herself? After so many fails, it's not their fault it's YOURS, Taylor. She could quite possibly already have a break-up song written to herself and I wouldn't really know because I, if you can imagine, have not purchased any of her albums or listened to any of them, but if any of you have and can let me know that would be great.

Ok that was rude.

3. The beginning of the month and end of the month at work suck so hard.
4. Have I mentioned that Tyrone is starting school? He starts next week (I think) and I can't wait to see what comes out of it. I'm actually excited for him.
5. The house buying has come to a quick hault. It was a nice little burst of excitement to dream about while it lasted. Our credit isn't the best (although my credit score is beautiful it's no the only factor they look at, unfortunately) which is why WE'RE LIVING WITH MY PARENTS. Only a few more months. Hopefully just two.
6. Friday, that band Tyrone drums for is having a show so if you're local and want to come hit me up.

7. I do have to mention that we are making FANTASTIC progress on paying off some of our debt. I am so happy about this.

tomorrow is Wednesday and I hate Wednesdays

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kendahl said...

Is that a picture of fake donuts? That's so not funny. Now I want donuts. That sparkly bangle? Badass. Those sparkly Toms? Also badass. Way to go on the debt and sorry about the credit. Like I said, buying a house is both awesome and awful.