January 30, 2009

Nu Yeerz Rez

My new year’s resolution was to post a blog every day or every other day no matter what. If you haven’t noticed (all 3 of you that read my blog) that hasn’t been possible. Well, when you have been mooching off of other people’s wireless internet for about 2 yrs from the privacy of your own home and it comes to a screeching halt one day your hopes and dreams will be shattered!! Okay, maybe not my hopes and dreams (I can be a bit dramatic) but some very real tears were shed. All ports have been locked down! It’s really nice not having to fork out the dough every month. Who could blame us? I have been forced to go to Beans & Brews. The ambiance is great and I just love-love the coffee…BUT…it’s not my bed. I love sitting in bed with the laptop in my lap (It just hit me why they call it a LAPtop). One of these days when I decide to not be a cheap ass I will be posting more unnecessary crap on here.

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