October 14, 2011

Fridays with Frederick

Sunday we had a very small get together at my parent's house. While we were all laughing and chit-chatting in the kitchen I could hear that Frederick had jumped up on the screen door. He had been running around outside with the other dogs and wanted back in. His delicate puppy skin can't hack it outside for very long because he gets cold easily. Wuss. Anyways, I got up to let him in but just before I opened the screen door I noticed he was covered in crap. It didn't look like he had rolled in anything but more so sprayed. It honestly looked like either one of the other dogs, or goats, or chickens, or turkeys backed that thing up and squirted all over him. He accidently got in the house and started running through the kitchen. You cam imagine the excitement. I ran after him and grabbed him quickly so he wouldn't get it on anyone else and managed to get it all over my arm. It was so gross. Needless to say he got a hose bath right then and there in the cold and everything.

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Anika said...

But look at that face!

This could be the cutest photo of any dog ever taken. GAWD!

Anika said...

See! It made me write "GAWD"... geesh!