October 20, 2011

Godzilla stopped by the other day

I get a glimpse of the outside through an office window that isn't far from my cubicle. Saying that it's a glimpse is actually pretty generous because the view is of another brick building that appears close enough you could reach out and touch it. The other day, every now and then for about twenty minutes or so a huge shadow would pass by the window slowly. It was sunny outside this particular day which is why it was noticeable. I was thinking maybe Godzilla was out there or a giant hot air balloon with my husband in it coming to take me away. I held my breath at one point to see if I could hear any thundering foot steps. Nothing. I would only hear the sound of busy fingers typing and souls slowly dying, unfortunately. Our floor is quiet. It's more quiet than any other place I've worked. I worked alone once in a single room office for an appraiser. I WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE MOST DAYS and this place with about 30 people or so is MORE quiet than it was. Do you feel me?
We share a building with our sister company who calls our floor The Morgue.
You can't argue with that.
I still wonder what that shadow was all about. Maybe it was a giant pterodactyl circling above plotting its course. It was probably just a plane or helicopter although I'm going to go with Godzilla. It's much more interesting.
{remember, I'm sick so I'm all messed up in the head right now}

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