October 12, 2011

Ghost of Halloween Past {Costumes}

 Last Year's Zombie Assistant and DIY for the Zombie shirt

Rosie the Riveter (about five years ago and minus 20 lbs)

Shaun of the Dead (I just had to throw this in)

Tyrone was Handi-Man from In Living Color

Two Years ago (I think) I went as a band leader
inspired by that dude in Coraline and Britney Spears (shut up!)
My friend was a dead rodeo queen

My mom dressed up as my dad which was quite disturbing

a few years ago (I'm too lazy to look it up)

(awkward face)

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*I admit this was a filler post. I am shove-a-pencil-in-both-temples busy at work this week and I have a cold that will not go away. Hope your week is going better.

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Anika said...

HAAAAAA! That one of your mom is too much!! Whewwwwww....fuuuu-ny!