January 16, 2013

13 for 2013 mix

I picture myself sitting next to my juke box alone in my bedroom waiting for the perfect songs to come on the radio as not to miss the exact moment to push the record button. Mixtapes were/are the shit. I still love making them.

This list isn't for everyone, in fact I made it for myself and one other person specifically. There are some songs that are older and some that have shown up before on other mixes. I just wanted something fresh and new to jam to. I don't discriminate when it comes to music (except for country). OK that's not true at all.

13 for 2013
1. Lessons in love - NEON TREES 2. Colours - GROUPLOVE 3. Bulls in the Bronx - PIERCE THE VEIL 4. Bloody Mary - SILVERSUN PICKUPS 5. Freedom at 21 - JACK WHITE 6. I'm so sock - FLYLEAF 7. No Lie - 2 CHAINZ 8. Whirring - THE JOY FORMIDABLE 9. King for a Day - PIERCE THE VEIL 10. And we danced - MACKELMORE/ZIGGY STARDUST 11. Everything she wants - MOTHERFUCKING WHAM! 12. Monster - KANYE(because I needed 13 songs and I still love the shit out of it so there) 13. Tree Village - DANCE GAVIN DANCE

Oh you want links? Sorry, no go.

sidenote: I'm really loving my rebelmouse page, seeing all of my stuff in one place is nice and I swear I'm not getting paid to say this.

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kendahl said...

No links?! That means I have to actually look them up on YouTube. Which I will. So take my bitching and realize it means nothing. K thanks.