January 8, 2013

Getting through the work week

Just a list of things that get me through the work week...

Prayer and meditation - some people might laugh when they hear I meditate (like people who know me) but I do, sometimes it's all I can do when I'm at a loss.

This one might sound odd but sitting up straight helps my mood and keeps me from having horrible neck pain which I am susceptible to. Currently my neck pain is really taking a toll on my daily life and sitting up straight isn't cutting it. I need to see a chiro pronto.

What I listen to during the week:
WTF podcast - every Mon & Thur
NPR - morning edition - every day
Snap Judgement - every week
This American Life - occasionally
uhh yeah dude - weekly
SHOUTcast - the very best of art bell - daily
Pandora- a few times a week usually the alternative 80's station
Comedy Bang Bang - occasionally

What are some things you listen to or that help you get through your week?

Do you have a favorite podcast?


kendahl said...

I just listen to music (people talking is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me), and the type depends on the day, and is completely and utterly schizophrenic.

Illustrated Ink said...

Thanks for the listening list! I've been wanting to listen to some podcasts. I'm a Pandora and Audible.com addict! Love to listen to books while I'm painting. :)