January 20, 2013

7 things

1. The most disconcerting thing has happened to me lately - coffee has been tasting horrible. It is breaking my cold heart.
2. I have a long weekend this weekend. Word to the muthafucken word.
3. I did something really hypocritical, for me, recently. It's so bad that I'm debating on whether or not to elaborate on here. Ok it's not that bad...relax.
4. I really wish that someone would buy me a house.
5. I've eaten about 23 smartie packs in two days all in about fifteen total combined minutes.
6. My mom and I are throwing my SIL a valentines themed baby shower. I never realized how perfect Valentines day would be if you had a baby around it - totally brings a lot more value to the ridiculous holiday doesn't it? I mean, not to get too sentimental, you know I only like to share my softer side when it's absolutely necessary (like, for baby animals exclusively) but it would just make it so much sweeter instead of causing the desire to shove a number 2 pencil in your temple. Because a number two pencil gets the job done. EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS!
7. It's funny how one split second of going on FB will anger me for the rest of the night.


kendahl said...

I love Valentine's Day simply for the pink shit and awesome candy. Hell yes for long weekends; I've got one, too. I'm sure I will waste it sleeping on the couch, but I'm not at work, so it's a win. Sorry I can't make it to the shower! :(

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Aw come on - you have to elaborate now!

(Love the Brand New shirt!)