January 11, 2013

7 Things

1. Season four of Sons of Anarchy gave me some serious bad dreams. I wouldn't say nightmares but it is seriously disrupting my beauty sleep. I made Tyrone turn it off for one night because it was getting to me that bad. Some shows will just do it for you. I can watch some sick shit so I don't know why it started fucking with me so bad.

2. The other day, as I was pulling into the parking garage on my lunch break, I looked down at my lap at the fries, fry sauce, and corndog on my lap and thought, "not the best decision of 2013 so far." I haven't made many good ones since then either.

3. Made fancy pants grilled cheese sandwiches with gouda and pears. They were perfect. I think my family had to convince themselves they like them except for my dad who refused to even try them. I had to make him a regular cheddar grilled cheese "hold the pears"

4. My mom in her BYU hoodie is funny for so many reasons, one being that she hates football or any sports for that matter, didn't go to college (let alone BYU), and isn't mormon. And yes I know you don't have to be mormon to like BYU but I mean come on?! And to top it off she has a red UofU one that she wears as well, and all because she just loves hoodies.

5. Sketching while waiting for Tyrone and his band to finish practicing.

6. I have to say that I am going to like having Jimmy Kimmel on earlier. I hope he kicks those two washed up losers out of their spots. 

7. October could. not. come. faster. I. can't. wait. for The World's End. Ugh - get here faster!


kendahl said...

Now I'm craving a corn dog. Thanks a lot.

Those grilled cheese sandwiches sound interesting. I totally would try one.

You should take your mom's BYU hoodie and do something cool with it, like cover BYU with AC/DC or something.

You can't already be wishing for October. I'm already pissed that today is the 11th and I can't remember where the hell my first part of 2013 went.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I have got to say, I'm a big fan of grilled cheese with fruit! And jelly, even! None of my friends will try it, but that is some good shit.

Henry makes a fancy grilled cheese sometimes on pumpernickel, with havarti (the dill kind) and artichokes. So fantastic!

Grilled cheese foreverrrr!