January 31, 2013

Love Bug Baby Shower

Jax is going to be here soon so we threw Rachel a shower because it's not fair that around here people only give them for their first kid. So dumb!!
I made these MS cookies. Damn her!! Damn her all to hell! These took way too long but they were good. I think the consensus was the pink cookies were better than the chocolate ones. I agreed.
I did another stupid thing and made some heart shaped cookie cutters. That didn't go over well when making the chocolate cookies but they did OK for the pink dough because it was much softer. 
We ate a ton of cheese and drank a lot of soda. I tried to hide in the corner most of the time but that didn't work out very well. I don't mind throwing a party if I don't have to do the actual hostessing part.


kendahl said...

There were exotic cheeses?! Now I'm even more mad I couldn't go. Your decorations are really cute. And you MADE cookie cutters. You're so damn crafty.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

DAMMIT BRANDY. You know how to throw a party! Those heat cookies! And that CHEESE, OMG. The pickle jar filled with conversation hearts was such a cute detail! If I ever have another baby, I'm flying you out here.