August 20, 2012

Transition (and a slobbery mess)

a little video announcement where I babble on way too much

if you bare to watch the whole thing then you're a trooper (it's long)

[video removed - post to come later]

What I didn't mention that I wanted to point out is that we've decided to make something happen for ourselves instead of waiting for something to just fall into our laps and if all goes as planned then we can reach our goals within a few short months and try and get ahead - fingers crossed.


auntcella said...

love you Brand it will be ok

mommy said...

mommy loves u xoxo and p.s. daddys excited

mommy said...

mommy loves u xoxo and p.s. daddys excited

Kristen said...

I love you. I'm sure things will work out okay for you guys (as tired as I am of people telling me that). I really hope it all works.

I wish I could be as honest on the blog as you are.

Just remember, regardless of how shitty life is to you, you are an amazing, fabulous, beautiful woman inside and out and I completely adore you!!!!

kendahl said...

Hey, at least your parents are rad. :) If it's the right thing to do, then so be it. No shame in that. And I'll still love you no matter what. If you get sick of your family, you can come to my house, k? And family interviews would be SO entertaining. Your family cracks me up.

Your hair looks gorgeous, btw. And, I need you to email me your address because I think I lost it and I might possibly have some bracelets to send you.

Queen T ;) said...

Love ya girl, hang in there you two...appreciate your honesty in this sucks at times...we all go through crap and when it hits the fan we just have to wipe it off and keep going...I will definitely be praying for you and ty's transition! bless ya Franklin Fam