August 15, 2012

I'd rather hang out in the parking lot with the "cool" kids and smoke

I won't lie I am still not thrilled about my upcoming 15 year HS reunion. It's on Saturday and I'm already having a mini panic attack over it. I'm also not going to pretend that there is anyone I'm looking forward to seeing. I see who I want to see from school already and any other friends I had in HS didn't go to my school so I just don't care that much to be honest.

I told you that my BFF Jenni is hosting the shindig and she wants me to help greet people at the door. Um, no. No freaking way. Besides the fact that this will be a large group of people consisting mostly of strangers (never my ideal situation) that I'm going to have to be forced to talked to it's people I especially am not thrilled about seeing.  She knows I'm not a people person so I'm really loving her with all of my heart right now if you can imagine. She is lucky I love her for realz. She is one of the only other girls I've ever even wanted to call a sister. I can't say I'm going to be all kittens and puppies Saturday but I will be there to help and I will have fun decorating because I like that shit. I'm sure my standard sentence for the night will be "And who are you again?"

I am looking forward to some stellar material to write about because so far it's been bland. Cross your fingers!

Reunion pt. 1
Reunion pt. 2


J said...

On the plus side, you can take photos of people and tweet them to me and we'll make fun of them. How's that?

kendahl said...

You best take a hundred million pictures. Or however many can fit on your SD card. I hope there's some sort of alcohol-fueled fight or something to keep you entertained.