August 21, 2012

Retro Album with a Modern Take

 I found another incredible old photo album like this one that I turned into a journal and decided to use it to store personal photos in. I know that's not a ground breaking idea in fact it's downright obvious that I would put pictures in a [gasp] photo album. What I did differently was take the plastic covers off of all of the pages and instead of taking all of the pages out and replacing them with something else I decided to keep the old ones because they were in good shape and just use washi tape to keep the photos in place. Again, not a genius idea but I love how it turned out and I am still adding photos to it hear and there. I ordered a couple of Snapstagram orders that I'm thrilled with how they turned out. Here's a couple of the pages.

another unfortunate tweet where I misspell a word and don't catch it in time


Kristen said...

Gorgeous!! I love this!

kendahl said...

Ohh I especially like that it's spiral-bound! Very cute!

jessemac said...

I love that album cover - and of course what you did inside, too. I have a lot of instaphotos printed out that I haven't done anything with yet. So an old album like this is on my look-out list now.