August 13, 2012

Mason Jar Planter

Last Spring I made-over our balcony and planted a few things and I'm happy to report that one of them is still alive. The rest have passed on but I'm not crying over it. I'm just happy I still have one plant that isn't dead and that I've kept it alive for more than a year. It has worked out perfectly that it hates to be watered.
So naturally I think I'm an expert now and decided to plant another one. I painted the bottom inside of an open mouth mason jar, threw a bunch of rocks in the bottom of it (because it worked before) and am now watching it ever so intently.
To be honest it's not drinking any water almost at all so I'm scared. I don't think it's getting enough oxygen so I stuck a straw it in (no clue if this trick will work but some green thumb internet extraordinaire told me to do it) so we'll freaking see.

And there's the avacodo seed that I planted because I copied my cousin (Kendahl - the best stepmom in the world) who's plant/tree is a monster now. Let me tell you that if the root on this seed hadn't started growing as fast as it did I probably wouldn't have had the patience to wait the 1-2 months (according to the research I did) for it to grow. I started growing within a week and a half and since then Tyrone and I have been a bit excited to see it grow hence we've been consistent about changing the water in it and making sure it doesn't get moldy. The pic shown below is from a few weeks ago and the root is now touching the bottom of the jar and is sprouting off. There is also some little green growth on the inside of the seed that I can see from where it has cracked. I need to plant it now according to all of the research I've done but I'm scared to do it because of my murderous past.

This guy sits on the outside of our window and changes every now and then with a different slimy body and shell. Yes, I'm aware that it's probably a new snail. It looks like he ends up drying up and then eventually getting knocked off by the wind. The funny thing is that Fred will get a wind of him when he's lower on the window and tries licking at him and scratching at him. He's such a cute little critter hunter.

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kendahl said...

What are those plants in the jars? They look cool, almost like something you would see in a Nintendo game. And my avocado tree is all sorts of pissed off and I'm not sure why, but it lost literally all of its leaves except three in the last couple of days. Hopefully it pulls through.