August 22, 2014

2014 Summer Vacation - OR Coast

I think I left you hanging just as we had left Crescent City and the motel from Hell. I've had to force myself to finish these vacation posts. I hope I make it all of the way to Seattle. I want to at least have them done before September.

The OR coast was a treat. This is the part of our vacation I was the most excited about. I have fond memories of Oregon and just like the Redwoods I couldn't wait for Tyrone to visit for his first time. Our goal was to make it to Cannon Beach before it got dark. It took us all day to get to the northern part of the state, but it was the most beautiful part of the drive. There are many lighthouses to stop and look at. We stopped at a few but not all of them. We did stop at this one spot, that I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, where we parked and got to hang out on the beach and climb some rocks.

We had so much fun walking around Cannon Beach and checking out the tide pools.
this pic turned out so great. i used my samsung and I didn't edit it at all. (most pics are not edited I was too lazy to make them look "better)

Our main goal for the day was to get to Seaside where we were had reservations to stay at the Inn at the Shore. THE BEST HOTEL EVER!!! I mean that. I was so disgustingly nervous most of the day because I was certain this place would turn out just like the last motel did. It was the complete opposite. It was cozy, clean and RIGHT NEXT TO THE SHORE! I mean, it actually says it in the name but they aren't lying about it. IT WAS RIGHT ON THE FREAKING SHORE!! AND, AND!! It was not horribly expensive either. Our room was more like an extended stay room with a kitchenette than a basic hotel room. The carpet was soft. Being able to walk around barefoot in a hotel room is the best feeling. Most of the time I'm keeping my socks because EW! The bedspreads were soft as well, the pillows were awesome and there was a fireplace!! We kept the fireplace on and left the balcony door open so that while we layed in bed we could hear the ocean and still stay warm. THE BEST EVER!!! thinking back on it is getting me all worked up. It was our favorite stay of the trip and I haven't even gotten to Portland or Seattle yet. It was a good mix for us. I like being in a city but Seaside has great vibes. It was chilly but not freezing, gloomy and fantastic grub. This place made up for all of the anxiety I had built up all day. I almost cried from being so happy. That night we walked around the corner and at the U Street Pub which it also had some pretty chill vibes, good beer too.

Going to the bed that night was good and I new it would be okay leaving Seaside because that meant we were on our way to Astoria.

Astoria, one of the best cities every. Colorful houses in a gloomy town full of mystery.
(since I rambled on about Seaside I'm going to shut up about Astoria - it's mostly just blurry house-pics anyways)

Headed out of Astoria and on our way to Portland. It was beautiful until we hit the highway...


kendahl a. said...

I love Astoria and I love your face. That picture is pretty epic, for real. Perfect shot!

Erin Honestly said...

AHHHH these pictures are fantastical!