August 8, 2014

It's about time.

I finally painted my nails. 

Can u tell I'm a tad bored? I've posted three times today. I'm sitting on the couch watching Fred breathe. I would be working on my shop but when I tried to do that he wouldn't relax. So I sit and occasionally rub the cutest belly in the world. Oh, I'm also watching Angel. 

Since I've managed to keep my fingers out of my mouth since Sunday I decided to take advantage. We'll see how long this lasts until the next anxiety driven buffet fest occurs. 
1. Nails inc. special effects - Camden crackle top coat
2. Illamasqua - Rare
3. Hard Candy -Black tie optional

On my toes 
1. Love & Beauty - Light grey
2. Firecracker lacquer - Crawlin' Queen
(I didn't really need a base coat with Crawling Queen. It's perfect on its own)

1 comment:

kendahl a. said...

I love your nails! The black and yellow is perfect.