August 8, 2014

Fridays with Frederick

Wow. I haven't done one of these in a long time. I thought it was fitting since this week has been about him in our house. 
Thursday he was scheduled to be neutered and have his teeth cleaned. I know, it's a standard procedure but I was a nervous wreck all week. He hasn't been put under anesthesia since he got hit by the car a few years ago. I had to take him in to the vet around 7am. They didn't start his surgery until around 6pm. I had to be at work all day wondering what the hell was going on. But, once I finally got an update from them they told me they held off all day so that they could give him all of their attention. That made me feel better even if it was total crap. Once they had made the chop to the balls the docter called me while he was still under to give me a status. That was when she told me that when they started cleaning his teeth his mouth smelled like sewage. Her exact words. She said he had an extreme case of periodontic sacks and gingivitis. She said dogs start out with 40 teeth and that Fred had lost 15 already and that he needed 9 of them pulled. She also said this was very common for flat nosed breeds and that she deals with this on a daily basis. I gave consent for them to go ahead and pull them. As much of a shock it was to hear that I knew waiting would only make it worse. I didn't hear back from them until 9:45pm. Right before they finally called back was when I started to freak the fuck out. I thought because it was taking so long that had to mean something was wrong. I'm glad I was wrong. He ended up doing great but they wanted to keep him overnight for observation. It's always strange spending time away from him because when I'm home he is always by my side no matter what. 
Right now he's by my side sleeping recovering nicely. I picked him up this morning certain that he would hate me for leaving him at that place all day. He jumped right up to me when they brought him out and licked my entire face almost right off. He acted like nothing happened. He has his moments where he looks very groggy but then he'll get up and want to play fetch. I'm supposed to keep him calm for 10 days. Ha!  That should be interesting. 


Vapid Vixen said...

Sweet boy!! So glad it went smoothly. I actually cried when I dropped Milo off to become a eunuch. When the vet tech went to take him through the one door, and I had to go out the other door, he dug his little feet in and she had to drag him, sliding across the floor. Stupid effing dogs.

kendahl a. said...

Aw, poor ball-less Fred. I am glad he is doing well!

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I'm so glad it went well! I know what you mean, though. Even though these are common procedures, it's like, "AHHHH!"

Many many years ago, when I got Don (RIP) neutered, I was a nervous wreck all day and had to get one of the guys at work to call the vet on my behalf (he pretended he was my dad, lol) because I couldn't even hold the phone, I was so shaky!