August 28, 2014

Summer Vacation 2014 - Seattle

I wish I could say I saved the best for last but that would be a big fat total opposite of the truth. I won't get into, but let's just say I can't wait to go back and have more time there with Tyrone. It was the last day of our trip and we spent a large part of it driving. We didn't even get out of the car to see the space needle. Again, Tyrone had never been here and there was so much I wanted him to see but none of it worked out. The date was Friday, June 13th. The exact date of our 5 year anniversary and we ended up in a casino for the evening. I said I wouldn't get into so I won't, but I will say that neither of us were very pleased with how our night ended.

On a more positive note, the moment I stepped out of the car when we finally arrived in Seattle, I took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly. The air there is the most clear, clean, lovely smelling air. If you didn't know, Utah has some of the worst air in the country. It always smells like exhaust or some rotten egg smell coming off of one of the lakes. It rarely smells good anymore even when it rains here. With that said, I didn't want to leave Seattle alone for the simple fact of how incredible it smelled. It smelled like air should smell. It smelled like trees and whatever else in nature smells good. Smell. Smell. Smell.

I just went through my pictures to see how many I would need to edit or delete and I just realized I didn't take my Samsung out at all. Not even once. I only used my iPhone camera. So here it is in all it's good smelling glory. I can finally mark this off of my to-do list.

by the time we got to the market EVERYTHING was just about closed
Ok, this place was open where I had the most delightful food of my life. Honest.

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kendahl a. said...

You are adorable. Did you know?

I really want to go to Seattle.