August 9, 2011

Pet Scene Kids Magnets Now Available!

I've been working on these for a little while and I was inspired by my blog friend Oh honestly, Erin and State Street which is the road I take on my daily commute. Before the Avalon closed I used to watch these kids stand in line waiting to purchase a ticket to some obscure show with udder disdain on their faces (because that's "The Look" they're going for). I knew deep down inside they were jumping up and down inside with the same excitement they use to have as a three year old when Elmo came on the television screen. Except, Elmo now has pretty much the same high pitch girly voice but with the occasional (or constant) blood curdling scream.

I love them, I do. I mean, I did just recently dye my hair back to black and I do rock the long razored side-bangs just as good as they do. I make my own skinny jeans too which makes me even more credible (in my own mind). I also gave myself a scene name Brandy Bloodshed which isn't necessarily original but it works.

Meet The Scene Kids

They're handmade by my very own self (just wanted to make sure I pointed this out in case you weren't catching on). They're hand embroidered felt magnets with a piercing here and there.
They are dying inside for you to take them home. If they had hands they would cut themselves.
You can buy one from The Shop now. I also added a new freak flag, it's purple and teal! I'm adding gray and mustard flags soon too. (I've had camera issues)

The Shop

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Anika said...

too cute...little rascals.