August 1, 2011

What's in my bag AND do you even care?

You've probably seen these posts like I have all over Blogolopolous Town and their picture perfect settings with every item of their purse layed out in an even fashion that would make any narcissist happy.

I like these posts don't get me wrong but they're not realistic and we all know this. (forget about the many times I've lied to you on here myself)

Today, August 1st, is what the inside of my bag looks like.
Gum wrappers - because I'm too lazy to throw it in a garbage can yet enviornmentally consciensous enough not to toss it on the street
Drumstick wrapper - same deal here
Orbit gum {spearmint} - my favorite gum in the whole wide world
Pill bottle - for mood swings, neck aches, and your occasional bludgeoning
iPod - for my sanity at work
Phone - kind of strange that this was actually in my purse because it's usually tucked away in my cleavage or plugged into a charger because those piece of shit batteries never last. I don't understand how they can build a phone that does amazing things yet they can't make a battery powerful enough to last more than 8 hours. I don't fucking get it. It's probably a conspiracy.
Notepad - for doodles, ideas, blog topics, DIY posts, and shop inspiration {no joke to insert here}
Ultra fine point Sharpie - for above mentioned items
Wallet - carries the cash I don't have, a debit card with a zero balance and endless punch cards to the coffee shop, thrift store and ice cream shop.
Makeup bag - for the makeup I never put on, nasal spray, allergy eye drops, nail file, clippers, compact mirror, lip gloss and eye glass repair kit of which I'm convined will come in handy in some sort of McGyver way like if I ever get stuck in the elevator at work.
Checkbook - Yes, I'm one of the few who still uses them for some bills.
Coconut oil
Rosebud Salve - aids in healing the bloody wounds on my temples from jabbing pencils in them because of all The Stupid People
iPod wall charger - {no joke to insert here either}
Berts Bees lemon cuticle cream - because cuticles are precious and must be taken care of people
"serenity" pill bottle - full of valerian pills
More lip gloss
Hair ties
Pacifica tuscan blood orange perfume - best smell ever
Pink & Gold tampon case - {insert your own joke here}
Cotton Candy sucker Ty bought for me but I have yet to enjoy it - what am I suppose to do suck on it at my desk at work? Um, no. Also, who has time to suck on a fucking sucker? I'm not six. I hear those assholes have all of the time in the world.
Loose Change - which will be gone by this afternoon now that I know I have it
Another fucking list
Glasses - It would be like driving bumper cars on my daily commute if I didn't have them. Second thought maybe I should start leaving them home.
Vintage embroidered coin purse that my mom found for me at the thrift store that was only 75 cents. It matches the purse my brother got for me. I love this thing; the clip works and everything. My mom says they remind her of her grandma.

What kind of tools do you carry in your bag?


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I may have to steal this idea. You'd be astounded at how much I have in my purse, and because I'm a fat kid, half of it is edible.

I also love the spearmint Orbit gum! It's the best!

Anonymous said...

whats the XM bottle

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Hey anonymous, I know who you are and I know you know what it is :)

Anika said...

You look really prepared...I like that.