August 11, 2011

Today's Post-It Note

*Make Friendship bracelets - I bought gold, yes GOLD, aqua and salmon colored embroidery floss for the special occasion.
*The Walking Dead - we received the first season, disc 1 in the mail yesterday and watched the first two episodes and I have to say I really love it so far. We were going to start Breaking Bad because it "appears" to be on Netflix but we have not received it yet. It's been camped out in our que for awhile now. There's a note next to it that says Very Long Wait. Awesome. Hey Netflix, if you would just let us watch it online then there wouldn't be a problem then would there??! Netflix was awesome at first but it's starting to get on my nerves and when/if the price really does go up soon then I just might cancel it. I'm thinking Hulu Plus might fit our needs better.

*Schedule maternity photoshoot with BFF - Done!! I think we're doing this next Saturday. I'm so excited. I don't think I've mentioned on here yet that my best friend is expecting a girl in October. It's like a sibling having a child that is how excited I am about it and I am so happy for them I could puke.

*Add more shit to The Shop - I have so much more crap to add. I know, I know I've been saying that I need to do this the entire summer too. I swear sometimes just posting one thing takes an entire evening. It might be my easily distracted brain and the fact that I start dancing along to the numbers on SYTYCD. I should probably shut the TV off but then I wouldn't know how to function properly alone with my own thoughts. I did end up posting this last night. I was excited to find it. If I was expecting I would keep it and hang it on a shelf for the brat's room.
*Hem/alter vintage clothing - I have a pile of clothing that I've thrifted lately that I need to alter in one way or another. I keep telling myself if I do this then it will be like having a new wardrobe but I just keep walking past it overwhelmed by it's existence.
*Schedule Blog Posts - this is probably the most annoying one of all and not because I hate doing but because it's August and it's the worst month for blogs. Everyone is getting ready for fall and back to school business so no one has time to read/comment/or post anything. I should have joined in the August Break thing that everyone is doing. I pretty much am anyways since posting has been lacking on here. You may or may not have noticed and it might only bother me because I have this list of stuff that I would like to do and that I have planned to do but have not had any motivation to do. So for the rest of August I'm going to post some Summer Journal posts with pictures of the summer and do my best to post the other stuff. I am hoping to have some fun stuff of September but I'll probably disappoint in that too.
*Do something summer-y - I want to do the paddle boats at the park or go back to the lake. We haven't been hiking all summer. I'm itching to go but I'm afraid I've let myself become such an out of shape mess that just thinking about hiking up even a small mound puts me out of breath. I JUST had to stop and take a breath to finish typing this. Pathetic.
Also, PROGESTERONE PILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to kill someone. I don't care who it is it just needs to happen.


Jennikunz said...

Just make me look sexy! Thats all I ask!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Well that should be easy then ;)