August 9, 2011

Weekly Confessional

I don't know what was going on exactly in my brain Sunday evening as I don't really ever most days but changing the channel just wasn't a function it was able to perform, apparently. We ended up watching the Teen Choice awards. All two hours of it. All two hours of the mind-numbing unbelievably horribly scripted show that is aimed at teens. I didn't know half of the acts that performed and yet I still had an 80% prediction rate at who was going to take home a giant surf board as an award. It was too easy; If they were in the audience they were going to win. As much as I enjoy Ellen D. on the rare occasion that I actually get to watch her show I was surprised to see her win best comedy show. My logic may be something that a two year old would use in deciding to pick their nose or smear peanut butter in their hair but I just didn't see how she could win that award. I know they say that the teens voted for this but Ellen D.'s show is on during during the day and most teens are usually in school, am I wrong? I think moms must have done the voting for this category (or some strategic negotiating by their publicists?). She was up against Jimmy Fallon and Andy Sandberg. I may not know a lot of teens but I'm guessing that most would pick Jimmy F. or Andy Sand. over Ellen D. any day. (love the nicknames? we're tight, them and I) That might be my inner tween talking but I think I'm right nonetheless.
{Don't send me your hate mail all of you Ellen D. lovers. I heart Ellen D. too.}
The fact that I even have an opinion about this is mind boggling in itself. You're probably scratching your head at this post as you read it and I don't blame you. Maybe I'm pulling straws when it comes to Weekly Confessionals? Maybe I'm bored? Maybe I haven't bitched enough lately and needed something to bitch about for the sake of bitching. Blame the progesterone pills!! Tyrone will and does. If I have any sort of attitude (his word) these days he blames the pills. As long as he doesn't call me crazy he can blame whatever he wants to help him sleep at night.
There were a lot of quotation marks in this post. All brought to you by PROGESTERONE PILLS!!


Anika said...

I think this confessional was waaay more confession-y than any PMS post you could have thrown my way ;)

The whole thing huh?? I'm impressed/emotion I have no name for.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I'm so ashamed.

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I don't think I could make it through the teen choice awards, so bravo on that!

I like Ellen and she is funny but when you throw her in the ring with Andy Samberg? Not a chance in hell she's funnier than that guy. He's in The Lonely Island. He wins.