November 13, 2011

DIY Faux Fur Bolero

A little inspiration...
I'm really digging the fur trend right now but I couldn't bring myself to purchase one of these fur wraps or fur vests that are really in right now. After making my bolero for my wedding I thought I could pull off making a fur one. This one was much easier because I didn't even use my sewing machine. I decided to stick to something simple since I new this is just a trendy piece. I have a rule not to spend too much money or time on trendy items since I probably won't like it after a few seasons anyways.

I suggest finding a faux fur at the fabric store that is soft and easy to work with. I really wanted to find a really fury kind like the ones I've seen on the designer pieces but there wasn't a wide selection at the fabric stores I went to. I made one with some crappy faux fur but ended up hating it. I found some pretty nice faux fur at Hobby Lobby which was a tad bit more expensive but it was worth it and still cheaper than buying something in the stores. I only used one yard too so that helped with the cost.

large construction paper to use as a template 
faux fur
leather strips or ribbon (i had some left over leather from the fringe purse I made)
fabric tac permanent adhesive
thread and needle (optional)
1. cut out a long curved oval from the paper to make a template to use to cut the same two pieces out of the faux fur
2. cut two pieces of the same shape out of the faux fur making sure to cut opposite pieces by turning the shape up-side-down before cutting the second piece. you want them to match up wrong sides together when you're finished. i placed my template on the wrong side of the fur when i cut it out which made it easier to cut. it also makes a huge mess, you'll have fur every where
3. take one of the pieces and sew or glue one strip to each end. i hand sewed mine for added strength.
4. place pieces on top of each other wrong sides together. start gluing them together at once end and glue all of the way around the edge until you've gone all of the way around it
5. let it dry and then you will be finished

After Tyrone helped me take these photos which is always fun indeed, I wanted to wear it to the mall but I got some major flack from him and family for wanting to. So, I threw on my poncho before we headed out the door but that only provoked my ridicule. These people have no idea what style is. We weren't at the mall for long before we saw fur every where. We walked by Ann Taylor and saw this (below) gorgeous fur bolero and I had to rub it in Tyrone's face because he thought I was crazy the entire time I was making it.
 the always awkward photo shoot

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Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

You are a crafty rockstar. For real.