November 29, 2011

Weekly Confessional - Dr. Everything'll Be Alright

I've had Let's Go Crazy by Prince on repeat in my head for weeks now. It's appropriate for the time being I'm sure.
Yes I'm back to complain about how I am still sick. Pneumonia is still here but I think my ear infection is gone now; not so much pain there any more.
We are now starting week 8 of this shit. I can't explain it any other way than that so if you're offended by my language that will have to be too bad.
The rundown of this whole debacle goes as follows:
After being sick for two weeks I went to the "Saturday" doctor where Tyrone's primary doctor is located. We both went to get checked out; he diagnosed us as having the "same bug" prescribed us both the same antibiotic and told us to take Mucinex D as well. OK great.
Four weeks later Tyrone is better and I'm worse. I finally decide to go to the Instacare near our house and that doctor told me the first doc gave me the wrong antibiotic and told me I didn't have "some bug." They took an xray of my chest, the doctor reviewed it, told me my lungs looked normal and sent me home with an antibiotic for my ear infection and told me to stop taking Mucinex D and that it was crap and told me to take Sudafed D and Delsym. OK great.
We picked up all that prescribed crap that was recommended and went home. The next day on my way home from work I got a call from the radiologist who took the xray of my chest and she told me that I have pneumonia and prescribed me another antibiotic. One that would supposedly wipe the pneumonia and ear infection away and that I should stop taking the one I was prescribed the night before. OK great.
It's been a little over a week since then and I'm on the end few days of this antibiotic and I still feel so exhausted, I have no appetite and my cough is still here. Albeit, not as bad as it was but it's still here. Yesterday morning after taking all of my drugs I ended up throwing it all up plus any other thing that had been camping out in my stomach. The throw up sessions have been violent but few, which is a bonus I guess. But I have also been nauseated about 85% of the time.
I'm beginning to rethink this idea of procreating.
I'm such a baby when it's comes to being nauseated and throwing up. Picture big tears, whaling, body convulsions, extreme whining that could match Sammy Sweetheart, soggy red faced, literally hugging the toilet seat like it's the Virgin Mary.
And picture Tyrone putting up with me through all of that. He understands throwing up (since he does it on the daily) so he's actually super supportive and actually very motherly. This is not reciprocated when he is sick. I definitely do not take as good of care of him when he's sick as he does for me. Bless his soul.
This isn't related but I'm going to complain about it anyways since I'm on a roll. Our lease for our apartment is up soon and the new property management is raising our monthly rate if we decide to extend our lease. At first I was outraged, pissed, wished hateful obscenities their way. I have since calmed down and we have weighed our options and have decided to stay another while longer in our 1 bedroom. I'm 33, shouldn't I be living in at least a 2 bedroom? Sheesh. I thought this place was temporary but we've been here for two years now. At first it didn't make sense to stay when they're raising the rate when Tyrone is out of work but in the long run it's cheaper to stay for 6-8 months than it would be to move. I'll just have to suck it up for a little while longer which was a real pride gut puncher I'll tell you what. When you make plans for your future and think things are supposed to be a certain way when you're a certain age or at a certain time in your life and it doesn't go as planned it's hard to swallow. Apparently we're not done learning our life lessons.
I've about had it with the life lessons.
One a positive note we decided to give our large luv sac beanbag to my brother which gives us a bunch more room in our living room and that means we can put up a Christmas tree this year. So yeay!


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I am sorry you are still sick! That blows. And I can relate to the puking thing - Hailey threw up on my mushroom chair once and I had to throw it away because it almost made me throw up just thinking about cleaning it up. Terrible. And yay for Christmas trees! I'm making a tree this year. I would try to explain what that means but I can't, so you'll just have to see pictures when it's done.

Anika said...

Sometimes time moves really slowly, you know? It's hard when we get a plan in our heads and it takes too long to get to the end goal...frustrating.
I can't believe you are still about frustrating! It's hard to have faith in doctors when stuff like this happens. Here's wishing you a recovery SOON!

Colleen said...

I read this post a while back...wanted to comment - actually started to, but I was writing a book so I deleted it. But I've thought about what you said many times since then. Wanted to pop in and put it much more simply than my first attempt, so here goes:
I know exactly where you are. Because I am in exactly the same place.
There - that wasn't too painful.