November 7, 2011

Halloween, in short

I don't have a lot of words to say about Halloween because it was a fog due to overmedication of cold pills and random head spinning and the flinging of feces of which I am almost certain happened. I like to keep you guessing. The most fun I had was the Saturday night of Halloween weekend. We watched scary movies, saw Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Tower Theater and experienced Fear Factory. Seeing the RHPS at the Tower Theater was a lifelong dream of mine. Tyrone and I have a special bond with that movie and was delighted to watch it around fellow fans. They show it on a big screen in an old theater and there is even a live act performance during the entire show. It was very entertaining and so much fun. They had little tranny bags to purchase which included items that you were allowed to throw during the show (an old school homage). They warned us that we would leave wet but I didn't think much of it because the water guns they handed out were those tiny ones that squirted out less fluid than my nose was at the time but at the end of the show when they jump in the pool during the water orgy there were assholes on the top balcony with buckets of water of which were dumped all over us.
Tyrone and I lied too when we were standing in line. They were going around with bright red lipstick writing V's on any virgin's cheek if you had never seen the show live before. We hadn't but there was no way I was going to get pulled up on stage for no reason. If I has been feeling better I would have went a long with it but I was letting the cold win. Everyone was dressed up which was fun to see. The highlight was doing the Time Warp with everyone in the theater and singing along to all of the songs. Best night ever (almost).
Afterwards we drove to Fear Factory. Remember how excited I was about this place? Well they had issues opening up and so it didn't open until the last week of Halloween. I mean, it was a grand idea to have a haunted house in an old haunted cement factory but when you have a security guard at every fucking turn instead of a scary ghoul or ridiculously scary clown then it sort of defeits the purpose. It was like an over-priced, elaborate tour of the place that we stood in line for 2 hours for. TWO FUCKING HOURS!! Not worth it.
Pros: being led into the rafters and being forced to walk over plate glass while hanging on to a rope, trenching through the underground tunnels and sliding down the giant twisty slide at the end.

Cons: Did I mention too many thug security guards at every damn turn? Not only waiting in line for two hours outside while prepubescent zombie boys attempted to scare us. I stared one down so hard while I held down my laughter that he got so mad he came over and put his virgin-shaved face much too close to mine and then blew his boy scout breath in my face. Keeping my composure I held my breath and waved my hand over my nose he backed away with his head hung between his knees. I was quite pleased with myself. Don't get me started on the crappy band that was playing while we stood in line either. There were way too many animatronics versus humans working in this crap whole. It was decorated quite nicely but that was about it.

And just like that I quickly forgot the rest of the damn place because it wasn't that good at all. Earlier this Halloween Tyrone and I went to the Haunted Forest and it was entertaining and scary as usual. It's still the best haunted attraction in UT and I will fight anyone over that. [grinning]
On Halloween we drove down to my parents and watched His Majesty trick or treat for his first time. It was nice to be there and experience it. Tyrone, my child husband, had fun scaring the neighbor kids too. His Majesty Hagen was a little lumberjack and when his mom and I kept trying to take his picture he would say "teeeease!" you that's toddler for "cheese." He was being quite the little ham.
I think I got burnt out from all of the Halloween Costume Series because of all the ideas I came up with left me blank on Halloween day. All I did was throw on my den leader shirt and make my face look wrecked which isn't hard to do. Oh yeah and I had to work that day so, yeah.
The Halloween season was splendid. Most of the your blogs that I read have proved that you also had a great time too, I'm still catching up on them but I can't wait to read the rest.

This is random but I just saw this set of pics that I can't stop thinking about now, they are so beautiful.


Oh Honestly Erin said...

Tyrone's makeup is sick. DAMN!

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I was super excited to go to Fear Factory but we ended up skipping it because of all of the negative feedback. We'll hit it next year. You should go to Asylum 49 in Tooele. It's a bit of a drive, but it's pretty good! They use a lot of kids, which scare the hell out of me. Creepy children are much scarier than creepy adults.

Anika said...

HA! Looks like fun. I have never been to the RHPS live either for some reason. I think I just dont want to be pulled up on stage as a virgin... I am with you and dont consider it a lie but something that just needs to be done. Tyrone needs to go to Hollywood...there is work for him there. That makeup is a marvel...I dont even understand how he erased his eye like that. Nice.

Vapid Vixen said...

I kept seeing the signs for that place from the freeway and wondered what it was about. The RHPS though? I had no idea! I totally want to do that next year!!! And I don't care. I'll totally admit I'm a virgin.

Vapid Vixen said...

That is, unless I'm sick. Then they can eff off. I'm feeling a little testy tonight, can you tell?

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

You should go next year Dawn it's so much fun!!