November 7, 2011

Nice & Easy Fall Wreath & Feather Garland

 Fall Wreath 

sticks, hot glue, ribbon, feathers
 1. gather sticks
2. cut them all the same length as much as possible
3. bundle in four groups and hot glue sticks together (you will need a lot of glue for this)
4. lay out in a square and glue larger bundles together to form a solid square wreath
 5. take a stick and your ribbon, tie a large loop in the ribbon and place around the middle of a stick and hot glue in place
6. glue the stick with the ribbon in place on the back of the top section on your wreath
(be sure to glue really well)
 7. adorn with feathers and your done!

 This is what our mantle looks like now compared to what it did for Halloween. After I sobbed quietly to myself while taking all of the specimen jars down and our zombie mug shots I decided I wanted a clean simple look till Christmas makes it's grande appearance. Tyrone complains a lot about the crap that we have lying around our house so instead of leaving up the halloween decor till Christmas like I usually do I decided to box it up. I even went through the kitchen and living room recently and just threw out and boxed up a lot of shit. It felt good. Admittedly, I play chicken with hoarder territory. It's hard when you live in a one bedroom and you have aspirations to design, decorate and make stuff 24/7. There's just not enough room. So I decided to compromise with my husband although he can't tell very well that there really is less stuff out. Oh well. Baby steps.

Mini update: I'm stick trying to get out of the funk of being sick. It's been rough. I've never been sick this long before. It's been exactly one month now and I barely feel any better. I can actually feel an ear infection coming on. I'm hoping to bypass it. Being sick has made blogging a nightmare. I usually do it late at night but when you're going to bed early every night it's hard find any desire to do it any other time. I know a ton of people who are getting sick right now too and others who have been sick for as long as I have. It must be the plague or black lung or something really devastating like that, I'm sure ;)

You guys, it's a miracle this thing is still alive.

{simple feathers in a vintage painted glass}

 Feather Garland 

yarn, hemp string/yarn, glue, feathers
1. braid together a bunch of strands of yarn & hemp string a desired length and knot each end
(the braid should be loose and messy)
2. wrap and glue yarn around about 5 or 6 long feathers of each end
3. glue feathers in place down the length of the garland
{cute pumpkin I got for my birthday from my bro and his family - I'm shocked it's not moldy yet}

{I threw the extra sticks in a glass vase}

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