November 11, 2011

Experiencing Thriller with Onslo

On this day, 11.11.11, I'd like to tell you all a story. (I'm convinced starting a story out this way will make it sound more official and will convince you of how smart I am. Plus I wanted to make sure I noted 11.11.11 since it will never happen again. I've enjoyed having to write it all day. A small part of me did hope that I would arrive to work to find out the entire block had been swallowed up by a giant sink hole, but nonetheless I was let down. A girl can dream.) This is a short story (not a short story) about my dad and his first experience of watching Thriller.


On my birthday, after my parents and husband had taken me out to dinner, we ended up back to our house watching This Is It. My dad hadn't really watched it before and divulged to us that he has never really seen the original Thriller video either. Accompanied by minutes of gasping, gahing, and minor ridicule by the rest of us we couldn't believe what we had heard. I guess I shouldn't be shocked my dad still lives in the town he was born in and loves to tell stories about how he rode his horse down the hallways of his high school. He's a man of simple pleasure; John Wayne, Louis L'Amour, and cinnamon gummy bears. I couldn't really expect him to be up-to-date with pop videos. (Although up-to-date isn't really at all accurate since we are talking about 1983.) Yet Thriller isn't just a pop video it's only the most popular music video EVER FREAKING MADE.


We continued watching This Is It and my dad kept commenting on how talented MJ is. In my mind I was like, "DUH!" but yet I didn't say that out loud. I was kind of intrigued by my dad's genuine interest in this movie. It is a documentary and that is right up his alley (he's a die-hard PBS fan). Tyrone and I ended up doing the moon walk on the kitchen floor because we're like children who can't sit still during anything musical at all, especially MJ. I'm pretty sure at one point my dad wanted to get up and and try it with us but his Wranglers would have strongly disagreed with that move so I'm sure that is the only reason why he stayed planted on the couch. I let my dad take the movie home so he could watch it in his recliner at home in his natural habitat. My mom said that he made them watch it the entire DVD special features and all. (I'm squealing inside even as I type this). That weekend we ended up at their house in the morning and we arrived to my dad glued to YouTube playing MJ videos. I was quite impressed and pretty proud of myself for contributing to this magnificent moment. I made him watch the original Thriller video in its entirety and Billie Jean too. He did stray a bit and got carried away watching MJ tribute montages played to Celine Dione songs. (What losers made those I have no idea but they have like hundreds of thousands of views so someone loves the idea - oh that's right my dad is one of them, LOL) My dad loves Celine in all her chest beating glory too. I had to keep steering him in the right direction. He's so funny, he kept asking about all of his songs and which one was most popular and so-on. It was a very proud moment.



Happy Friday!


11.11.11 (I just can't resist)


Anonymous said...

Yes, the date 11/11/11 was awesome indeed! :D Oh, and you're right, Brandy, the way you started your post sounds much mor official than any other first words of blogging, haha!

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Loved this!! The posts about your dad are some l my favorite things about this blog. It's clear he is one bitchin' dude!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thank you!

memaw said...

so you have a very hot dad hummm , line me up please , haha i already am lined up with him heheh, he and u rock, xoxo