November 28, 2011

DIY Peter Pan Collar {jumping on the bandwagon}

Yes I am totally jumping on the bandwagon with this one but I couldn't resist. I've seen a lot, I mean crazy amount of peter pan collars out there but sewing a round corner has me all frazzled. This novice sewer likes to stick to straight lines. Plus keeping that round edge all straight and ROUND ROUND ROUND....sigh. I just couldn't do it but I knew that I could do it with my paint brush. Since making over tee shirts are pastime of mine I thought with a little fabric paint I could pull it off.
I found this shirt at Old Navy a few weeks ago on sale which was nice in case I totally botched it. The left side is a bit wonky. I had trouble with the fabric on this tee shirt because it was really stretchy and sort of thin, a regular cotton tee would work much better.

Materials needed:
Tee shirt
Fabric paint
Chalk pencil or fabric marker
Sponge brush

First I ironed the shirt so that I could paint on a flat surface. I then used soup cans as weights to keep it in place.

Once it was as flat as I could possibly get it I took my chalk pencil and drew an outline of the collar around the neck of the shirt. I wasn't super worried about making it perfect.

I then took my fine tip, matte, white fabric paint and painted over the chalk outline.

Filled it in with the sponge, let it dry and then it was done. It took awhile to dry and took more paint than I thought it would. I added a few pretend buttons for an added touch.

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mommy said...

i love this idea it totally made me smile when i saw the finished pix, soo cute :)