September 19, 2011

DIY - from Jacket to Fringe Purse

 DIY Leather Fringe Tote/Bag/Satchel/Man-bag 

I'm pretty proud of this leather fringe purse tutorial. I've never made an actual purse before unless you count this tee shirt tote I did awhile back. I LOVE FRINGE. It's pretty obvious at this point and probably getting annoying but I can live with myself at least awhile longer. Tyrone (The Husband) on the other hand is over it with a capital TELL ME YOU'RE NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO WEAR THAT OUT IN PUBLIC, ARE YOU? You bet your sweet, chocolaty ass I am.

If you're into the bohemian look, like I am, (I like mixing this look with edgy pieces) then you should give this a go.
You'll need a leather suede mens jacket. A large mens size is nice because it will give you more fabric to work with. The jacket I found at the thrift store (obviously), it was only $6 and is made with thin suede which made for easy cutting and sewing. It does however make more of a floppy bag. There was a bunch of different ways I could have done this and different style options I could have chosen. Like for instance I wanted to make a flap for it like a messenger bag has but I started cutting up my jacket like a mad women and didn't leave enough fabric for one. I was much too worried about leaving enough for the fringe. It was clearly my main focus. FRINGE!!
Start with the jacket and...
1. cut off the arms
2. cut off the waist band
3. cut off the collar
4. lay out flat (as much as you can)
5. measure out size to cover a laptop or book or whatever size you desire
6. cut out, leave enough room for sewn seams (I left about a 1/4 inch seam for mine)

4 sections = 2 sides of equal size, 1 for fringe, 1 handle
(the fringe piece should be double the size of one of other pieces)

7. pin the 2 sides inside out, with the larger side sandwiched in between
8. sew along seams on all three sides
9. turn right side out
10. measure lines with your ruler for equal width fringe on the larger piece and cut along lines for awesome fringe. I used my metal rule and rotary cutter. 
11. you may use the arms as the fabric for the handles and cut out enough fabric to fit a desired shoulder length, (or you can use the waistband like I did) sew handles then pin and attach to inside hemmed sides of the bag. Using the waist band worked out pefectly for me because I didn't need to cut out any fabric and have to sew up my own. The suede around the wast band doesn't fray either and is comfortable on the shoulders.
10. add any embellishment of your choosing. I added a snap to mine.

Now you're all done!

Here are some other's I've seen in Blogolopolous Town that are even more cool!


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