September 16, 2011

Pre Winter Woes

I can't listen to any conversations regarding snow; the amount of snowfall or lack thereof.
I've bitten down hard in anticipation of anyone asking me if I've noticed how it's getting darker earlier. "No, dude with a lack of personality, I haven't noticed at all. I'm that oblivious. [straight face]
I like to call winter The Season I Grind My Teeth Down To Bloody Nubs, because I just can't listen to the endless conversations about how bad traffic was due to the snow or how many accidents there were on the freeway or how late someone was to work because they didn't give themselves enough time in the morning when THEY KNOW IT'S GOING TO SNOW. Unless you're glued to your W.o.W. game all night long and NEVER turn on the news or have a smart phone or speak to another human being EVER then you're excused. But not really.
I. Just. Can't. [tears streaming down cheeks]
I feel the anxiety building inside of me even as I type this because it's the same bullshit every winter and I don't want to have to pretend to give a shit another year.
And with that said, I vow to do my best to keep my whiny mouth shut about how bad I hate the cold and snow this upcoming winter. This is my promise to you.
I might even make a snow angel just to help myself get over my own issues with winter. I can't make any promises with this one though.
I'm off to enjoy fall now because it's looking more and more like it with every passing day.
Focusing on Halloween keeps me sane.
Goodbye summer, until we're reunited.

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