September 7, 2011

Summer thoughts

Things we didn't get to do this Summer...
Go to the free Twilight Series Concerts in the park. I wanted to see Ghostland Observatory pretty badly. I was almost willing to fight over 40K hipsters to see it but my agoraphobia took over and I stayed home.
Go to the free showing of Beats Rhymes and Life, a documentary about A Tribe Called Quest at the Red Butte
Go to any of the free movies showing on the state capital lawn
Go hiking - I think this could still happen if we got off of our asses
I didn't get my bike tire fixed (no Mom this isn't your fault)
We haven't been to a single concert this Summer. Not. Even. One. This is disturbing to me so I think we might go to the Big Ass Show on October 8th with Panic at the Disco, Switchfoot, Neon Trees, The Airborne Toxic Event, She Wants Revenge, Sleeper Agent, Grouplove, and more. Non of which are favorites of mine but they're not bad and I think it will be fun + it's only $20. Also, it is the day after my birthday so that's something. We really wanted to see the Blink 182, My Chemical Romance and Rancid show but it was really expensive and it was during our vacation. I'll take the beach any day.
I don't want to sound completely ungrateful because our summer has been pretty bad ass. We've done a bunch of things worthy of panty throwing like going to the beach, the lake, BBQ's, movies, slurpee drinking, ice cream licking, sunday drives and family pool time.


urban muser said...

i never get to all the things on my summer list. but it does sound like you did have some fun! :)

Vapid Vixen said...

I've done enough hiking for the both of us and not nearly enough slurpee drinking. This needs to be remedied before it's too late.