September 26, 2011

His Majesty's Birthday + Fall Fashion Day 4

Sunday was His Majesty’s Birthday. I haven’t written about him in a few weeks but if you’re a long time follower you know that our relationship has been tumultuous to say the least. To sum it up it has been me pinning for his love and affection (or hoping that maybe just once he wouldn’t run in the opposite direction when he sees me) and him asking his mother in a pompous, English accent that sounds just like Stewie from Family Guy, “Remind me again what your name is and exactly how do we know each other?”
He’s two now and forming actual words and sentences which is pretty exciting to see develop and scary at the same time. You guys know I am a cusser and this did not just happen one day. I inherited it from my family of which His Majesty was spawned from. We’re learning to whisper The Swears and come up with creative alternatives. I was watching in pure auntie pride as he climbed up the stairs of the jungle gym at the park and watch his chubby little butt go down the slide all by himself when he looked directly at me and said, “Bubba!” That’s the nickname I’ve had my whole life. It’s not original but I’ve been called it my entire life so it has stuck and so we have brained washed taught him to call me Aunt Bubba. When he was younger my brother and sister-in-law would show him pictures of me at their house and my parent’s house to show him who Bubba was. For awhile he wasn’t quite getting that when I was there next to him that I was indeed the same person in the pictures. I would just get The Look. For some time he has been calling me Bubba now when he sees me but it’s usually with coaxing from his parents or from grandpa and grandma. You can understand the joy I felt when he called me this with out any outside persuasion. It was just him and I at the jungle gym. He kept calling out my name making sure I was watching him go up and down the slide all by his self and I was so glad to watch.
This small moment in our relationship means a lot to me and even more so after recently having traumatized him. I’ll tell you more about that story later.
me & my brother

I don’t know if it’s the circumstances that were going on the day he arrived into our world or if it’s just because he’s my brother’s kid but I think this love/hate thing is here to stay. We ARE family after all. I do know that the love parts will out weigh the hate every time.
My brother crushed cheetos all over my arm. Yeah.

Anyway, the party was a hit and he was spoiled as usual. I got him some spooky fall clothes that I hope will fit him. I'm still learning this whole buying kids clothes business. 
I took this opportunity to dress up and take some snaps for Fall Fashion Week going on over at Emery's blog. I will admit that the poncho stayed on for about 20.2 seconds because after all it is still averaging about 85 degrees here in northern Utah. Underneath it I had a short sleeve, very thin plaid shirt on. I always begrudgingly ask Tyrone to take a full body shot of me before we left for the party. We didn’t fight once I’m proud to announce. I’m either too lazy or shy to pull out the tripod or trying to keep my marriage in tact when I don’t take a full length shot. Even after a year of doing fashion shots here and there I still struggle with a bit of insecurity. It didn’t help when I did put on the poncho, having my husband ask me, “Your style is all over the place isn’t it?” Yes, it is, DICK! I don't know what it is about picture taking that sets us both both off sometimes. 
Poncho - F21
Cut offs - thrift + scissors
Plaid top - old
Leather Belt - thrift
Shades - Target
Moccasin Trompers - Piperlime

DIY Hand Tooled Leather Bracelet

 elf feet

 I actually did my hair and makeup. Rare.

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E said...

I love your arm candy, those moccasins, and the sunglasses. You look great!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

happy birthday, little mister!

i love your poncho, and your shoes and bracelets are awesome!

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

There's no question who that baby belongs to. My hell, he looks like his Daddy.

You look gorgeous in these pics, btw!

Colleen said...

I love this outfit!
My husband and I get irritable with each other just about every time I ask him to take any pictures! He knows that I want something in particular...which makes him nervous and irritable...which in turn makes me self conscious in front of the lense...which then just pisses me off….
Pfffft. Men. They try to humor us though. :)

With Love, Jamie said...

How wonderful are those moccasins & sunglasses??? Great outfit!

Lea said...

Your shoes are adorable!! And those cupcakes came out super cute!! It looks like you used cookies for mouths! So creative!

Charlotte said...

Super cool outfit. The poncho with shorts, never would have thought of that... and those boots! So great.

If it makes you feel any better, I've had my sister take my photos the last two times because it just leads to fights when I ask my husband to do it. So it's not just you!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks everyone you're all way too sweet! {blushing}

Rachael said...

Ooooh my gosh.
A poncho?
Rainbow-ish glasses?
You freakin' rock.
I love the full length AND the detail shots! Especially the detail of your gorgeous face and hair!